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Man Throws Boiling Water on a Little Dog Seeking Refuge from the Sun in Motul, Yucatán

- May 17, 2024

A little dog named Lía was burned with boiling water in the municipality of Motul, in Yucatán. The aggressor was identified, although the police authorities have not yet arrested him.

According to the group Peludos Felices, the canine was outside her home, under a tree, when a neighbor, for no apparent reason, threw hot water on her head, causing multiple injuries to both her skin and fur.

Although Lía received veterinary care to heal the wounds, the incident caused outrage in the Yucatecan municipality.

“The corresponding complaint was filed with the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Yucatán, we hope that action will be taken on the case, as this is not the first time this man has harmed little animals,” the group wrote on their social networks.

It is important to remember that, in Yucatán, according to the “Rufo Law,” a person who commits abuse or violence against an animal can face up to 10 years in prison.

Source: Milenio