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These initiatives promoting the use of clean energies offer incentives in Mérida

- May 18, 2024

With the support of the citizens, the city council is working on consolidating a more sustainable Mérida by promoting the use of clean and renewable energies. This effort aims to reduce atmospheric pollution and promote the city’s sustainable development, ultimately improving the quality of life for all residents. According to Mayor Alejandro Ruz Castro, one of the initiatives gaining significant interest among citizens is the “Stimulus Program for Climate Change Actions.” This program provides a 15% fiscal discount on the principal amount of property taxes (based on cadastral value) for homeowners and businesses that utilize solar panels or other sustainable alternatives like green roofs.

Since 2021, approximately 2,000 homeowners and business owners have submitted applications for this incentive. Of these, 1,480 have been approved based on compliance with the program’s requirements. Out of the total applications, 1,448 are from residential properties, benefiting 4,405 individuals, while 32 are from commercial establishments.

The city’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond this program. The Unidad de Desarrollo Sustentable (Unit of Sustainable Development) implements other sustainable practices, positioning Mérida as a national leader in environmental care and the adoption of clean technologies.

The municipal government consistently engages with society through participatory advice, fostering mechanisms to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change in Mérida. Notably, 91 administrative buildings within the city council have solar panels, and 55% of the municipality’s total energy consumption comes from clean sources.

Promoting the use of clean energies not only contributes to environmental preservation but also results in cost savings for families by reducing electricity expenses. It’s a crucial step toward Mérida’s sustainable future.

Source: La Jornada Maya