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Atelier: Transforming the Center of Mérida through Architecture and Design

- May 28, 2024

Lucía Ríos, Creative Director of Atelier, a company specialized in architecture, design, and space restoration, shares how passion for preserving history and architectural beauty has driven their projects over the past 10 years in Mérida’s city center.

“Atelier has been an architectural construction company for nearly 20 years, but we’ve focused on the city center for the last 10 years because it’s what we’ve always loved. I pursued my master’s degree in restoring and rehabilitating historic homes, and when I returned, I wanted to apply that knowledge. Mérida was the perfect place,” says Lucía.

Atelier’s approach involves collaborating with clients to create spaces that reflect their vision and needs. Each project is unique, influenced by the essence and history of the specific house.

“The client provides guidelines on the areas they want, but the design aspect is entirely our responsibility. Each house inspires us, guiding the design process—especially with older homes, which dictate certain features,” explains Lucía.

Regarding design, Lucía highlights collaborations with local companies such as Bougain Ville, Roots Garate, Dania Way, Flappers, and Diez800. These partnerships contribute their expertise to create unique spaces that blend tradition and modernity. From color choices to material selection and the incorporation of natural elements like trees, every detail is carefully considered to enhance the beauty and authenticity of each property.

When discussing project costs, Lucía emphasizes that they vary based on the specific house and its needs.

“You can have a project ranging from 5 million to 20 million pesos. It all depends on the house and the type of development required. If you already own a property and plan to restore it, you can achieve something with a budget starting at 2 or 3 million pesos,” she explains.

Atelier’s work extends beyond transforming spaces—it revitalizes Mérida’s historic center. “Each restored house contributes to conserving our heritage and curbing uncontrolled urban expansion. It’s an investment in our identity and the sustainable future of our city,” reflects Lucía.

Source: Notirasa