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Primary School is Never Too Late! a 94-year-old woman gets her certificate

- June 11, 2024

Meet Doña María Grimilda Dorantes Contreras, a 94-year-old woman from Ticul, who has finally achieved her lifelong dream of completing primary school! This remarkable story is just one example of the over 15,000 Yucatecan students who have participated in the Education Strategy for Adult Learners, coordinated by the State Government’s Education Department (SEGEY).

Doña Mary’s journey began when she was a child. Her aunt Petrona, seeing her determination to study, gifted her with a pencil and notebook, which sparked her dream of completing primary school. After more than 8 decades, Doña Mary finally realized her dream, becoming the proud mother of 10 children.

“I grew up in a poor family, and we didn’t have the resources or opportunities for education,” she said. “But I insisted on studying, knowing my capabilities and eagerness to learn. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I couldn’t finish then.”

As time passed, Doña Mary’s dream of completing her Basic Education was put aside, replaced by her focus on raising her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. However, she continued to contribute to their education with love and effort, earning them excellent grades.

Doña Mary’s children have pursued various professions: engineers, doctors, lawyers, and teachers, who proudly acknowledge their mother’s dedication to their education from a young age. She would wake up early to prepare breakfast, make uniforms and school clothes herself, and help her children with their homework.

Her son Haerbeth Arias Dorantes shares, “My mom has always put great effort into everything she does. She’s a determined woman who achieves what she sets out to do. Seeing that her greatest childhood dream was to complete primary school, we sought support from the Adult Basic Education Centers (CEBA), where she received the guidance and orientation needed to achieve this milestone.”

With her children’s help and support from Adriana Carrillo Blanco, a CEBA teacher, Doña Mary finally realized her lifelong dream of completing primary school. Carrillo Blanco remembers with emotion when they first shared Doña Mary’s dream of finishing her education. Without hesitation, she decided to help her achieve her goals, admiring her determination and fervent desire to learn.

“From the moment I met her, I knew she had a great ambition to complete her basic education, regardless of her age,” Carrillo Blanco said. “Moreover, her unconditional family support is extraordinary. Doña Mary is an example of perseverance and effort, showing that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. Her story is a source of inspiration for many who want to finish their studies and understand that age is not a barrier.”

During her test, Doña Mary beamed with pride and satisfaction, answering her primary school exam with determination and attention. After the test, she expressed her enthusiasm and commitment to continuing her education, saying she would prepare herself for the next challenge: completing secondary school!

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