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Renán Barrera does not return to the City Hall of Mérida

- June 11, 2024

Renán Barrera Concha, the mayor on leave from Mérida, announced this afternoon that he will not resume his position at the head of the City Hall, so the interim mayor, Alex Ruz Castro, will conclude the administration.

In a message published on his social networks, the former gubernatorial candidate of Yucatán said that the Merida municipality “is in a process of handover based on mechanisms of transparency and efficiency and nothing should interfere with this outlined path.”

“I have decided not to resume my duties as Mayor of Mérida. I am fully convinced that the administration of our city is in excellent hands with the interim mayor,” he wrote in the post.

The next mayor of Mérida will be Cecilia Patrón Laviada, who obtained 258,489 votes in her favor, according to the final count. She will take office on September 1st with the highest vote obtained by a mayor.

Before this record, the highest number of votes in the municipality belonged to Barrera Concha, who obtained 211,030 votes in the 2018 election, when the PAN also won the governorship with Mauricio Vila Dosal.

In his first election as city mayor, in 2012, Renán Barrera also exceeded 200,000 votes from the citizens of Mérida.

In the recent elections, Renán Barrera obtained 507,116 votes in his favor for the governorship of Yucatán. Joaquín Díaz Mena, who was the winner, recorded 628,845 votes. Both candidates registered more preferences than the current governor Mauricio Vila had in 2018, who won with 447,573 votes.

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