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Six Thousand Passengers Expected Daily at Mérida Airport During Summer Vacations

- June 25, 2024

The administrator of Mérida International Airport, Óscar Carrillo Maldonado, highlighted that they expect an average of six thousand passengers daily at the airport’s terminal during the summer vacation period, which is expected to increase from next week.

Yucatán has become one of the main destinations for both domestic and international tourists.

“Right now, we’re around five thousand or five thousand two hundred, and we expect that figure to reach six thousand passengers per day this season,” he said.

“From next week, in fact, Viva Aerobús will add two extra flights to Orlando and Miami, starting on July 1st, and all the airlines’ programming is ready to handle the passenger influx. Normally, they use larger planes to accommodate travelers during peak season,” he added.

Maldonado revealed that they primarily expect Mexican tourists, although it’s common for international visitors from other countries to also arrive during this period.

“We consider national those who arrive through Mexico City, and there are many foreign visitors coming from the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. We categorize them as nationals because it’s a domestic flight, although there is a significant number of international passengers,” he said.

“With these two new routes, the range of options for foreigners to visit Mérida and Yucatecos to leave will increase,” he added.

Additionally, the airport director emphasized that the intense and constant rainfalls affecting the state in recent days have not caused any issues with the airport’s operation.

“The flights have been functioning according to schedule. We had one or two delays, but fortunately, everything is back on track.”

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