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Efforts to Address the Issue of Excessive Wiring in Progreso 

- July 9, 2024

Following the recent passage of Hurricane “Beryl,” the Progreso City Council has announced an initiative to regulate excessive urban wiring in the streets of the municipality. This measure aims to mitigate risks and enhance the city’s appearance. The council is urging citizens to contract telecommunication services that are properly regulated, allowing for effective intervention with outdated cables. 

Aurelio Medina Pérez, head of Civil Protection in Progreso, explained that this action is in response to numerous reports of line saturation, which has significantly increased after recent weather-related incidents. The accumulation of cables on utility poles poses a constant risk—they can become detached due to passing vehicles, tree branches, or simply wear and tear, potentially causing accidents. 

Beyond safety concerns, the excess wiring affects street visibility and aesthetics, inconveniencing both pedestrians and drivers—especially cargo truck operators who frequently knock down cables. Medina Pérez emphasized that addressing this issue will not only reduce hazards but also enhance Progreso’s urban image. 

To achieve this goal, the Progreso City Council will seek support from cable television, internet, and telephone companies, urging them to verify the functionality of their infrastructure and remove excess and obsolete wiring. This collaboration is essential for creating a safer and visually pleasing environment for all residents. 

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