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Optimism Grows Over the Textile Industry’s Future in Yucatan

- July 9, 2024

The sector is pushing Yucatecan exports: for every $100 generated, $16 comes from this branch.

The National Chamber of the Clothing Industry (Canaive) highlighted that this sector significantly contributes to the state’s exports. For every $100 USD Yucatan generates in export income, $16 specifically comes from the clothing industry.

Canaive President Luis Gerardo González expressed optimism over the future of the clothing industry in Yucatan, projecting a 6% annual growth rate for the sector, which suggests an encouraging outlook for Yucatecan companies dedicated to garment manufacturing.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the guayabera, an iconic piece from the region, will continue to be the symbol of Yucatecan textile industry worldwide.

However, despite positive prospects, González also warned about potential threats that could affect the sector.

Among these threats, he mentioned the increase in raw material prices, which could raise production costs for clothing companies in Yucatan. He also pointed out the volatility of the peso-dollar exchange rate as another factor that could negatively impact the competitiveness of the textile industry in the region.

He highlighted the interest of women and men working together to benefit the sector and creating a path where innovation and quality are the key presentation cards for this industry.

González emphasized the project to strengthen this sector, focusing on actions to promote job generation, combat informal employment, train affiliates, and innovate production processes.

Additionally, he indicated that in the second half of the year, there will be a new push for the guayabera and the “Indumental” Center for Innovation and Prototyping, as well as the “Photolab” Digital Photography Laboratory.

He stressed that Canaive Yucatan and its affiliated brands will strengthen their presence at fairs and exhibitions within and outside the country, “continuing to integrate innovative services to attend to members.”

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