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Offices Dedicated to Financial Fraud Seized in Yucatán 

- July 9, 2024

Following denunciations against a financial company allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities against people in Yucatán, security authorities issued a search warrant to secure the premises. 

According to the Yucatán Public Security Secretariat (SSP), search warrants were issued to be conducted simultaneously at two properties located in Mérida. The State Police Investigation Unit (PEI) collaborated with the Public Ministry to secure documentation, contracts, identification documents, computer equipment, and other elements related to the fraud crime reported by citizens. 

One of the properties is situated on Calle 8 diagonally between 4- A and 1-D, in the Montecristo neighborhood, while the second property is located on Calle 32-A in the Maya Colony, both in Mérida. 

The search was ordered by a judicial authority after an investigation file was initiated. Prosecutors and investigators gathered sufficient evidence to prove the existence of the crimes, making it necessary to enter the premises where the relevant documentation was stored, affecting the denouncing individuals. 

Although Yucatán is known for having one of the lowest national levels of perceived insecurity, fraud is a crime taken seriously by the SSP. From January to May this year, 35 complaints were filed for financial fraud in Yucatán, while 39 investigation files were initiated for abuse of trust, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP). 

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