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Yucatán Welcomes the Smart City Expo Latam Congress

- July 9, 2024

Yucatán has once again become the host of the most important urban and territorial transformation event in Latin America, focusing on creating more intelligent and sustainable environments, with the inauguration by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal of the Smart City Expo Latam Congress. This annual event is being held for the fifth consecutive year in the state.

At the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center, Vila Dosal, along with Fira Barcelona International CEO Ricard Zapatero Camps, kicked off this three-day event from July 9 to 11, which brings together over 300 cities and municipalities from various countries; more than 100 Mayors; over 100 institutions and companies; 50 media outlets; and over 300 speakers.

In this context, PRONUS President Manuel Redondo Peralta recognized Vila Dosal for his teamwork skills and commitment to building better environments, as these are valued characteristics that are still lacking in the region. This has made Yucatán an exemplary case of coordination and proof that it is possible in Latin America, Mexico, and the world.

Redondo Peralta also thanked Vila Dosal for his leadership over the years in hosting the Smart City Congress in Yucatán and turning the state into the epicenter of urban innovation in Mexico. This has allowed the region to learn from this land and its identity, contributing to better societies for the people.

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