Waitresses Engage in Bloody Fight in a Bar in Kinchil Yucatan 

- July 9, 2024

Kinchil, Yucatán – A fight between four waitresses at Los Almendros bar in this town in western Yucatan ended with the owner of the business and an employee injured, requiring treatment by paramedics who arrived shortly after the altercation. 

The incident occurred around 10:00 pm on Monday night at the aforementioned bar located on Calle 23 between streets 16 and 18. The four waitresses began arguing loudly, but the dispute escalated to the point where they attacked each other with bottles, chairs, and even a sharp object. 

However, things took a turn for the worse when one of the women struck the owner with a broken glass bottle and another hit an employee in the face. Both injured parties were taken to a 24/7 medical clinic located in the basement of the town hall on an ambulance. Paramedics also arrived to evaluate their condition. 

The employee lost three teeth and suffered a fractured lip, stating that the injuries were caused by a blow from a glass. The bar owner, who lives in Mérida, was left with a wound on his left arm that was bleeding profusely. 

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