Serious Trailer Collision on Mérida-Cancún Highway 

- July 9, 2024

A trailer obstructing the road led to a severe pileup, miraculously leaving no serious injuries—only minor wounds for one person.  

Six vehicles were involved: three trailers, a poultry truck, and two private cars—one of which was completely destroyed.  

The incident took place on a downhill section of a bridge near San Pedro Nohpat in the Kanasín district. As vehicles descended toward the Mérida Periférico, a truck driver slowed down to enter a nearby establishment.  

Other drivers followed, but a double-trailer tanker abruptly cut off the other vehicles, triggering the collision.  

One trailer swerved left, colliding with a Tsuru car, which was left in ruins. The same trailer then struck another similar vehicle and an avian transport truck, causing it to overturn and collide with a compact car, resulting in significant damage.  

Despite the chaos, only one person—a passenger in the poultry truck—was injured. The collision caused traffic congestion, prompting police to regulate traffic and divert vehicles before the bridge ascent.  

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