Heavy Rains Cause Disastrous Consequences for Agricultural Sector in Yucatán, Leading to Soaring Prices of Essential Products

In the past few weeks, intense rains have been pounding Yucatán, severely impacting the agricultural sector and causing a significant increase in the prices of basic products. One example is the price of lime, cilantro, radish, and habanero pepper, essential ingredients in local cuisine, which has risen by as much as 200 percent according to […]

Hoteliers in Valladolid Warn of New Scam Through Fake Reservations

Hotels in this city are being targeted by a new scam, where hackers pose as part of a popular accommodation booking platform and ask for advance payments from unsuspecting customers. According to Héctor Bustos Sosa, president of the Hotel and Hostel Association, the scammers present themselves as staff members of a well-known booking platform, request […]

The streets in Mérida that are most affected by heavy rainfall and flooding, according to the SSP

After a prolonged period of drought, heavy rainfall is eagerly anticipated, as it brings new life to everything, and parks and gardens regain their vibrant green color; however, when they are torrential, they can also cause disruptions, and it’s essential to take precautions. That’s why the Yucatán State Public Security Secretariat (SSP) has released a […]

Men Arrested for Transporting Stolen Passports

Agents from the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) arrested Mauricio “V” and Alan “C” in Tlaxcala, suspected of being involved in the theft of over 6,000 passport booklets from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE). Following a complaint filed by the foreign ministry, officers from the Federal Ministerial Police, affiliated with the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), […]

Alarming Decline in Childhood Vaccination Rate in Yucatán

The vaccination rate for children in Yucatán has dropped significantly, with experts urging parents to protect their children from preventable diseases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccinations prevent at least 175,000 deaths among children in Latin America each year. In Yucatán, only 86.6% of children under one year old have completed their vaccination […]

Six Thousand Passengers Expected Daily at Mérida Airport During Summer Vacations

The administrator of Mérida International Airport, Óscar Carrillo Maldonado, highlighted that they expect an average of six thousand passengers daily at the airport’s terminal during the summer vacation period, which is expected to increase from next week. Yucatán has become one of the main destinations for both domestic and international tourists. “Right now, we’re around […]

Kulubá a Majestic Archaeological Site and Museum Looted in Tizimín

The Kulubá archaeological site museum in Tizimín has been looted; stones and artifacts stolen from the facility. The site is abandoned, as INAH (Institute of Anthropology and History) removed its specialists four years ago and there are no indications of the destination of the archaeological pieces it housed. “The problem,” said local resident Rosendo Cauich, […]

The malecón and several streets in Río Lagartos have been completely flooded due to the torrential rains.

The continuous rainfall from Tropical Storm Alberto, followed by a low-pressure area, has once again submerged the town. According to residents, the path along the sea was submerged throughout its length, affecting some homes. However, no families have been evacuated from their homes so far. The rainy activity persisted throughout the past week, with Tropical […]