“Resonancias” Yucatan Jazz Festival, Nov. 26-28

Yucatan Jazz Festival (November 26 to 28, 2021). Yucatán will vibrate to the rhythm of jazz with a series of free concerts, in which various top-level artists on the national and international scene will resonate through the streets of Mérida. We will also have the masterclass of the internationally famous Alex Mercado in collaboration with […]

Maní, Yucatan: A Magic Town in the heart of the Maya Land

Maní, the “place where everything happened”. Due to its architecture and tradition, it is a gastronomic, historical, and cultural destination. With a population that maintains the Mayan language present in daily speech, it is common to see women in their streets wearing a huipil, probably embroidered by themselves. Boys and men use bicycles as their […]