Mayan train station and new Merida airport would be connected

Connectivity could be rail or multimodal transport MÉRIDA, Yucatan.- The connection between the Mayan train and the new Mérida airport could be of the rail type or through multimodal transport, indicated the legal director of the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism ( Fonatur ), Alejandro Varela Arellano.  He added that the relocation of the air terminal, confirmed by the federal government, […]

Replacement of Merida airport really necessary? What Yucatecan businessman stands to gain the most

Mérida, Yucatán.. – The Yucatecan businessman José Antonio Loret de Mola Gómory could have the advantage so that, on his land, of 2,000 hectares, in the municipality of Umán, the industrial corridor of the Mérida-Campeche highway, the new airport can be located, whose project promotes the federal government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Since April of […]