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While Yucatecans crowd Progreso beaches, foreigners enjoy Mérida

- March 15, 2021

Visitors turned the Progreso boardwalk into a colorful corridor

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- The port of Progreso experienced a Sunday as if it were the summer vacation season, with the arrival of Yucatecan families, national visitors, and some foreigners, who turned the boardwalk into a tourist corridor and a beach packed with people from all over the world. the ages.

There was so much influx of people on the beaches of this port municipality that from the exit of the periphery, which delimits the city of Mérida, the traffic was intense, cars, tourist vans, buses, and passenger combis could be seen on the route.

When arriving at the port, the vehicles would go round the wheel, and it took up to 15 minutes to enter the streets of Progreso, either to stay to enjoy the sunny day and intense heat or to move to nearby beaches such as Chicxulub, Telchac, Yucalpetén, Chelem or Chuburná.

Families and travelers enjoyed the attractions of the Yucatecan coast

The arrival of many visitors caused the first four blocks parallel to the international boardwalk to be saturated, giving rise to the appearance of several car ushers who took over the streets near the boardwalk and conditioned parking in those spaces. They also carried out the work of restaurant promoters offering spaces on the beach, some had the menu at hand.

Victoria Chávez, a tourist who lives in the State of Mexico, commented that she has a family that lives in Campeche, who suggested that she visit Progreso, since it has a very beautiful and clean beach, so she barely had the opportunity to buy tickets on an airline to low cost.

“We arrived on Saturday morning to spend a few days of relaxation, we leave on Tuesday, we will continue to enjoy a beautiful port that I did not know, which compared to Acapulco, which I have been to several times, I stay with Progreso, we are already my husband and I with my children that we can hardly return to enjoy the sun, sea and the tasty heat ”, he assured.

Tourists enjoy the tranquility of Mérida

Meanwhile, in the Historic Center of Mérida there was a good influx of national and foreign tourists who enjoyed the streets of the city during the long weekend, in search of the emblematic places to take a photo, eat, buy some crafts and take tourist tours of the state capital.

Recorrido en Cenotes de Yucatán, de atractivo turístico | El Souvenir

The arrival of national tourists to the entity and the occasional couple or small groups of foreigners who walked through the first square of the city, hired the service of the turibus, buggy tours and some were looking to go to the beach or the cenotes; these visitors enjoyed the tranquility of the city, the low vehicular mobility, the heat, and a blazing sun.

The long weekend brought more visitors to Merida. 

The city was half empty because most of the citizens went to the beaches, but instead, the tourists came to take the Historic Center, to learn a little more about the Mayan culture, according to a guide.

Merida Yucatan Mexico Gallery | Yucatan mexico, Merida yucatan, Merida

Tourism service providers agree that Mérida is a city to which everyone wants to travel due to the security, services and control of the pandemic, but the situation in the capital of the country and in Europe is causing a terrible impact on the industry Yucatan tourism.

The Haciendas of the Yucatan- History and Renaissance

“Travelers want to know about the Mayans, eat rich, because they know that Yucatecan cuisine is tasty and varied, they also want to know Chichén Itzá, among other archaeological sites,” he said.

Source: sipse.com

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