All Yucatan beaches remain closed for Easter, except for Celestún!

Celestun Natural Reserve (Photo: MILENIO)

Celestún, Yucatán, (March 25, 2021).- The City Council of Celestún announced this morning that during the next Easter season the beaches will not be closed, will remain open to all visitors, but people who arrive on these days are asked to, please, keep the necessary measures to prevent more coronavirus infections in Yucatán.

This decision contrasts with the one issued a few days ago by the State Government regarding the port of Progreso since it was announced that the traditional and international Malecón will remain closed to pedestrians and cars, and the beaches will also be closed to bathers.

Likewise, in the port of Sisal, the authorities carry out a “blockade” to visitors on weekends, allowing only the passage of a certain number of vehicles to avoid an excess of people that could result in an increase in Covid-19 infections, that still continues to cause deaths and hospitalizations in Yucatán.

Celestún beaches will remain open

However, in Celestún it was decided that the beaches and restaurants should remain open, and this was reported through a statement on their social networks.

“The port of Celestún informs that during the holiday season corresponding to Easter, the port will not close beaches to visitors. That is why we urge you to make use of all the hygiene measures issued by the Ministry of Public Health, such as the use of face masks, antibacterial gel, temperature measurement, and healthy distance. Be empathetic as we can work in this new modality. The best way to take care of yourself and your family is to follow the hygiene protocols. If you take care of yourself, we all will take care of ourselves”. This was the message the Municipality of Celestun posted on social networks.

Source: Sipse

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