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Charismatic Chicago girl makes Yucatecan “Terno” viral

- April 7, 2021

In Yucatán, Taylor, a girl from Chicago, United States, went viral after posing in a typical state costume with pride in Izamal, where she spent her birthday.

It was the same photographer, Julio Leal Ortiz, who lives in Merida, who shared the beautiful images of Taylor, the girl from Chicago who wore a Yucatan “Terno” costume while visiting the state in the company of her mother.

According to the photographer, this session is one of his favorites, and the story of Taylor and his mother one of the most representative, as these two young women travel all over the world knowing all kinds of destinations, which they share on their YouTube channel Taylor´s Mom.

On her YouTube channel, the young single mother captures the adventures she shares with little Taylor, especially during her stay in Mexico, and particularly in Yucatán, where they have shared fun and unique moments.

According to Julio Leal, little Taylor’s photo session happened a few days ago, who was delighted as the girl was celebrating her 5th birthday in the Magic Town of Izamal.

“A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to photograph Taylor, who came from Chicago with her mother Ambry to put on her suit and celebrate her 5th birthday in the Magic Town of Izamal.”

Julio Leal, photographer.

The photographer shared some of the photos of the charismatic Taylor, dressed in the typical Yucatan suit, where not only the beauty of the embroidery is appreciated, but also details of the unique landscape of the region, adorned by the sympathy of the model.

For this session to be achieved, a bond was needed between the lens and the model, in this regard, Julio Leal told Unotv.com exclusively that the girl’s personality is unique.

“We met Taylor and Ambry, she saw that I was a photographer and told me that it was his fifth birthday and that they wanted photographs in Izamal. On Monday of last week, we did the session, the girl loves our culture, the traditions that we have in Yucatan, and how people wear typical clothing with pride. So they decided to buy typical clothes for the photo session”. Julio Leal said.

Julio Leal formed an instant bond, and immediately Taylor’s personality emerged, he danced with the little girl, broke the ice, and even sang with her. Leal realized the affection that both she and her mother have for Mexico and especially for Yucatan.

“We were dancing and I was able to capture the happiness of the girl, who through the photos shows that we both enjoy the moment, many times, children and even adults are self-conscious, but she is not. I danced with her, we jumped, and we even sang and we were able to get these spontaneous moments out of her. ” continued the photographer.

The typical yucatecan dress is known as “Terno” in Yucatan, the set of garments worn by the Maya women on the occasion of festivals and ceremonies. The garment that is used daily is called hipil (or huipil). Both, the terno and the hipil, are representative clothing garments of the Yucatan peninsula.

The Yucatecan “Terno” consists of three pieces:

Fustán or white petticoat with a waist that reaches the feet. In its lower part, it is adorned with rich lace.
Hipil or white dress that reaches mid-leg and whose lower part is heavily embroidered in colors. It is placed on the fustan.
Jubón, very elaborate piece with rich embroidery, square neckline, that goes over the hipil.

The set is probably the most representative clothing garment throughout the Yucatan peninsula and has been recognized not only by tourists who visit the region but by international institutions that highlight the beauty of Yucatecan handmade embroidery.

Source: Uno TV

Photographer: Julio Leal

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