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Enrique Chiu, international muralist, leaves his mark in Yucatán

- June 19, 2021
The artist intervened a house in San Sebastián with naturalistic motifs

There are artistic manifestations capable of moving people and consciences, and there are people who make it possible with enthusiasm, sensitivity, and a spirit of solidarity. One of them is Enrique Chiu, who is distinguished by not only creating in the privacy of his studio, his workshops, and his Academy in Tijuana, but he also takes advantage of every day to promote causes that he considers necessary to provoke a change.

Precisely in that eagerness to unite peoples, Chiu created a giant bond between the two corners of the country: from the north in Tijuana, Rosarito, and Mexicali, to Mérida, where at the request of the Yucatecan designer Guillermo Pérez Alayón and the Secretariat of Tourism Development (Sefotur ), a house in the San Sebastián neighborhood intervened, with the polychromy, naturalistic motifs and style that characterize it.

The property belongs to the family of Pérez Alayón, creative director of the In Love Mexico brand, who on his trips to the northern border was impressed by the artist’s work, for which, with the support of Sefotur, he invited him to continue with his project, started 10 years ago, called Proyecta Cultura MX, which consists of conceiving murals throughout the country.

Chiu’s work, whose commitments are well placed, sets itself the mission of inspiring people and making a positive impact. He does so through works that, depending on the time being reviewed, have oscillated between the abstract, the figurative, or the naive, taking care not to be pigeonholed into a defined current. The artist has participated in dozens of cultural festivals and half a thousand exhibitions, 298 of them individual, in various countries around the world.

“We are still on the national tour, but now, from Peninsula to Peninsula, we will be making an iconic mural in the beautiful city of Mérida, Yucatán,” said Chiu, who along with his colleague Carlos Yorvich, runs an Art Academy in Tijuana.

Those who visit Mérida cannot miss the opportunity to admire his work, located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Historic Center, such as San Sebastián, where it is said that the “birth” of the panucho was, a typical dish of Yucatan gastronomy. .

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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