Effects of Sisal Beach during Hurricane Grace passage, fishermen see it as a bad omen


Of the multiple effects of the passage of Tropical Storm Grace, there was a distance from the sea, which the fishermen see as a bad omen

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Among the multiple consequences that Hurricane Grace left in its wake as it passed through the Yucatecan coasts, it adds the distance of the sea from its normal channel in Sisal.


This distance of almost 15 meters is worrisome for the residents of the community who say it is a bad omen

Marcos Pardenilla, an expert fisherman, comments that on few occasions the sea has moved so many meters away to the point that it reveals tremendous rocks that are usually hidden underwater, and that this can be interpreted as the arrival of other natural phenomena such as large quantities. sargassum or the red wave that kills many marine species.

Mar de Sisal se aleja debido al paso de la Tormenta Tropical Grace | PorEsto

He commented that due to the hurricane this afternoon, the strong winds threw tree branches and some sheet roofs, especially sheds, without major consequences.

Tormenta Tropical Grace ahuyenta a turistas del Pueblo Mágico de Sisal |  PorEsto

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