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- September 17, 2021

The authorities have identified the alleged murderers of a businessman from the national media, Joaquín Pasquel Meyer of Grupo Fórmula, whose body was found in the mountains of the Sierra Papacal Merida police station, from where we reported the event live: https: // fb.watch/84o5r5jHY8/

According to unofficial information, the investigating agents have gathered enough information to establish the identity of the perpetrators of the crime and only arrest warrants are awaited.

The 77-year-old former radio manager had lived in Mérida for eight years, after having achieved his professional and economic development in Mexico City. Six years ago he established his domicile in the Campestre subdivision, in the north of the Yucatecan capital.

The PRESIDIO investigation indicates that Mr. Pasquel was “picked up” in a place outside his home and was kept somewhere deprived of his liberty, since his family members lost track of him several days before they decided to report his disappearance to police.

It is presumed that he was executed around Friday the 10th, as his body was found in a state of decomposition on Tuesday the 14th, with about four days of death, according to the preliminary report of forensic experts at the scene of the discovery.

His disappearance was reported by his family on Saturday the 11th at night, when they did not know absolutely more about him, since he had already been lost for about 10 days, according to his relatives, who arrived in Mérida on Sunday the 12th to file a complaint.

The State Investigation Police (PEI) began investigations into his whereabouts on Monday the 13th and the following day, Tuesday the 14th, his body was found in the mountains of the Sierra Papacal police station.

The businessman was executed in a different place and taken to shoot the Sierra Papacal mountain, in whose brush there were no traces of blood, nor evidence that the crime occurred there.

Mr. Pasquel’s body had traces of blows and traces of blood, although the State Attorney General’s Office reported yesterday that he died “asphyxiated.”

Local media have reported that it was an execution and even that the former manager was shot in the head, but the authorities deny this version and assure that no firearms were used in his murder.

Mr. Pasquel Meyer is struck by his “uprising”, since he was a scant person, very distrustful, he even lived alone. He always had all the precautions, say people who knew him, so that it is thought that he could be the victim of a hoax.

The businessman was fond of horses and frequented the Yucatán Polo Club, located on the side of the Progreso-Sierra Papacal road, near the Kikteil farm.

It is known that the now deceased was never alone; He was transported in his private truck driven by his driver, who is believed to have been subdued by the captors, although his possible participation in the incident is not ruled out either.

Of the two BMW vans that the now deceased owned, one of white is missing and is a model of the year.

The people who left the body in the undergrowth of the dirt road could not have escaped the SSP cameras, since there are only two ways to get in and out: through the avenue that passes in front of the Science and Technology Park, where there is a arch of the SSP with cameras, and on the road that leads to Chuburná Puerto, at the entrance and exit of which there are also surveillance devices.

Both roads lack roads that connect with another site and allow them to evade said cameras. The dirt in whose undergrowth the decomposing body was found leads to the private “Quadra” under construction – about seven kilometers from the paved highway to Chuburná Puerto – from where there is no additional entry and exit route.

It was to Mr. Joaquín Pasquel that the local journalist José Luis Preciado Barreto owes his entry to Radio Fórmula Yucatán, after leaving the RASA System, as he himself related when expressing his condolences to the relatives of the now deceased, with whom he was close friends.

Although he had retired for 12 years as a director of Radio Fórmula, he was still vigilant and linked to the media, until his death, which occurred in the “safest entity in the country”, where he decided to spend his last days.

Source: presidiomx.com

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