A man is stabbed in the Plaza Grande in Mérida

MÉRIDA, Yuc., July 5, 2023.- This Wednesday, at 2:58 p.m., agents of the Mérida Municipal Police, assigned to the surveillance of the Plaza Grande area, noticed an injured person. Paramedics from the corporation moved to the place, who provided care to J.D. C.P., 39 years old. This person had a wound of approximately eight centimeters […]

A lifeless man was found in a commercial plaza in Mérida

Last Thursday afternoon the lifeless body of a person was found, which would correspond to of Ricardo Garrido Suástegui, who was reported missing since May 26. The body was inside a safe store in a shopping plaza on Calle 43 and 40 in the Pinzones neighborhood, in Mérida, near Francisco de Montejo. That was Ricardo’s […]

Video: Protesters blocking avenue in Merida Yucatan run over

MÉRIDA, Yucatan.-This evening, residents of the Paseo de las Fuentes subdivision demonstrated by closing Jacinto Canek Avenue, at the Superior Court of Justice, because they are upset because a public space in their subdivision was allegedly sold to private individuals. . Dissatisfied with the alleged sale of a green space that was public property, the neighbors protested with banners […]


The authorities have identified the alleged murderers of a businessman from the national media, Joaquín Pasquel Meyer of Grupo Fórmula, whose body was found in the mountains of the Sierra Papacal Merida police station, from where we reported the event live: https: // fb.watch/84o5r5jHY8/ According to unofficial information, the investigating agents have gathered enough information to […]

Police abuse and torture reported every two days in Yucatan

Every two days, on average, a complaint of torture is received at the Yucatan Attorney General’s Office, according to the 315 cases that were documented last year and so far this year. However, none of these investigation files on serious human rights violations have been prosecuted, that is, they do not even take turns in […]

Yucatan is no longer the safest state in Mexico; Police officer murdered today in Merida

MÉRIDA, Yucatan. – The alarms have been turned on in Yucatán after a police officer died when he was wounded by gunshots in a confrontation with alleged assailants. The victim was agent Raúl Adrián CA, whom his colleagues nicknamed “Lapiz”. On the fact, which occurred around 8 in the morning, several versions are handled. First, it was said that a couple, […]