Yucatan is no longer the safest state in Mexico; Police officer murdered today in Merida


MÉRIDA, Yucatan. – The alarms have been turned on in Yucatán after a police officer died when he was wounded by gunshots in a confrontation with alleged assailants. The victim was agent Raúl Adrián CA, whom his colleagues nicknamed “Lapiz”.

On the fact, which occurred around 8 in the morning, several versions are handled. First, it was said that a couple, aboard a car, arrived at a supermarket located on the Mérida-Motul highway, at the height of Gran San Pedro Cholul, and committed an armed robbery.

The employees of the place would have set off the alarms and some state agents arrived on the 2268 motorcycle. The uniformed men would have managed to catch up with the alleged criminals who were fleeing in two vehicles but were attacked with bullets. However, around 11 a.m. the version of the supermarket robbery was ruled out.

They would have wounded him with their own weapon

Another version indicates that the agents were making their rounds when two vehicles paired up with them, disarmed the policeman, and injured him with their own weapon.

One more points out that the policeman saw the suspicious vehicle and stopped them. The subjects got out of the vehicle, took the weapon from him, and shot him several times.

The injured agent was transferred to the T-1 Hospital of the IMSS; however, he passed away shortly before arriving at the clinic.

An operation has been deployed in the area that included senior commanders such as the same secretary of security, Commander Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda, and the director of the State Investigation Police, Carlos Eduardo Flores Moo, however, they have not been able to locate the alleged criminals.

Around 10 in the morning, the vehicle in which the criminals allegedly fled was found. This is a red Toyota Yaris with plates YWA690-B. It was parked next to the Mérida-Motul highway bridge, at the junction to Chixcxulub Pueblo.

Dead police Mérida Cholul
The car in which the criminals who caused the death of a police officer were allegedly traveling.

At various points in the city of Merida, they have installed checkpoints to try to locate the vehicles mentioned, and obviously those responsible for this act.

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Source: yucatan.com.mx

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