Merida real estate Mafia strikes again, carving up La Plancha central park plans


Governor Villa would sell 30% of the land and the rest would be for the park project

Gran Parque de La Plancha

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal announced yesterday that there is an intention to sell 30% of the La Plancha land to private investors so that with the money from the sale a park can be built in the remaining 70% of the space where The old railway station worked in the center of Merida.

It was recently announced that the Mayan Train would no longer have a station there.

The project, which “many criticize, is positive for the State,” said Vila. “A transport that quickly connects Quintana Roo and Yucatán is very positive since this will allow it to attract 14 million visitors.”

El Gran Parque La Plancha en el centro de Mérida se convertirá en el  Central Park yucateco | La Verdad Noticias

The governor specified that in talks with the federal government they have told him that if the Mayan Train station will not be built on that site, they want to make the project of building a large park a reality. “But the federal government is not interested in supporting with resources a public space like that, in which they will not have a presence with the Mayan Train;


That is why they intend to sell 30% of the land so that a real estate, commercial, office and apartment development can be carried out on that site, and on 70% of the land a large public park can be built for the enjoyment of all citizens ”, he indicated.


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