Construction on “Infiniti Mérida” real estate development halted do to irregularities and violations

They paralyze the work of “Infiniti Mérida“ The neighborhood association of Monterreal, Montecristo, Montecarlo, called “Colonos Montes Unidos”, announced that it obtained an indirect amparo with file number 1210/2022 against the real estate development “Infiniti Mérida”, which is intended to It consists of 7 towers of approximately 54 meters high and 15 floors.  The request […]

Renters Beware; With machetes in hand, a group of thugs ‘kidnap’ Americans in Yucatan

A legal dispute over a summer property in Yucatan keeps a foreign family kidnapped A foreign family is experiencing moments of anguish in Yucatan after a group of hired thugs keeps them ‘ kidnapped ‘ inside a summer property. The summer estate is located on the Telchac Puerto-San Bruno highway in Yucatan. As reported in La Verdad Noticias, Joe Lousi Zamora and Janet Anne Sanders were threatened […]

Expats stop buying houses in downtown Merida

Foreigners do not buy properties due to the uncertainty that prevails until today due to the coronavirus pandemic The gentrification process that has been taking place in the Historic Center of Mérida for some years slowed down with the arrival of the pandemic since the conditions of uncertainty that exist until today are not viable […]