What is known about rumors that Brian Laundrie is in Mérida


UNITED STATES.- Police continue the search for Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of blogger Gabby Petito whose remains were found in Wyoming on September 19.

Brian Laundrie “in Mérida” goes viral

As we published, the image of a man eating in a restaurant in Mérida, Yucatán, went viral on social networks, as they claimed that it was Brian Laundrie. Internet users compared it to the photos that the young man shared on his own social networks. However, this information was not confirmed. 

Next, what is known of the alleged feminicide of Gabby Petito.

July: Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie went on a trip

In July, Gabby and Laundrie went on a trip and shared videos of the places they visited.

brian laundrie and gabby petito

September 1: Brian came home alone

However, on September 1, he returned alone to the house where he lived with her, in North Port, Florida. His parents also live there.

Brian laundrie

September 19: They find the body of Gabby Petito

On September 19, Gabby’s body was located in a camping area in Wyoming’s Bridger Teton National Forest. Laundrie disappeared. However, new details have been revealed about his actions after the young woman’s death, for which he is not charged

Arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie

The Wyoming District Court issued an arrest warrant against him, charging him with “unauthorized device use.”

Laundrie, according to the indictment, used a debit card and PIN for accounts that were not his and spent more than $ 1,000 on the card between August 30 and September 1.

It’s not because of Petito’s death

CNN quoted a lawyer for Laundrie’s family as saying that the arrest warrant against Laundrie is not for Petito’s death, but for “activities that occurred after Gabby Petito’s death.”

It was also revealed that when he left home, Laundrie was carrying neither his wallet nor his cell phone when he left his parents’ house on September 14, noting that he would be hiking in the Carlton Reservation. He has since been missing.

They fear that Laundrie will get hurt

According to CNN; Laundrie’s parents expressed their fear that their son might hurt himself. A Pinterest account believed to be Laundrie’s reveals that her mood was not good, in the weeks leading up to Petito’s disappearance.

According to The Independent, his drawings used to be dark and ghoulish in themes. In one image, show a sketch of ghostly figures, a tombstone, and this text:

“Let her go, let her go, God bless her, wherever she is.” The most recent post is from August, and features the cover of a book titled “Burn Out, Coping With Autistic Burnout.”

Brian Laundrie sighting

A witness, Nina Celie Angelo, claimed to have seen Brian and Gabby at a restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 27. According to what he told Fox News, he remembers him because he was arguing with several employees of the Tex-Mex restaurant and had an erratic, “aggressive ” behavior, going in and out of the place several times.

Petito, Angelo explained, apologized for her fiancé’s behavior. Following Laundrie’s disappearance, in addition to the search of the Carlton Reservation, a man, identified as Sam Bass, claimed to have seen a person with Laundrie’s characteristics in the town of Baker, Florida.

A deer camera in the area would have captured the subject, and authorities are also investigating that track.

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