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Valladolid is getting more and more popular among international tourists (VIDEO)

- February 28, 2022

Valladolid is a fine example of the blending of cultures that exists across Mexico. The colonial city in the Yucatan is just as much Mayan as it is Spanish.

Walking around the main square, you’ll see women wearing traditional Maya dresses walking by the pastel buildings and the beautiful central cathedral. The pace of life is slow here, as most shops shut down for an afternoon siesta.

valladolid is one of the best places to visit in mexico

There are thousands of cenotes (underground sinkholes) around the Yucatan, and you can easily visit several of them from Valladolid. There’s even one just a short walk from the square.

The impressive ruins at Ek Balam are nearby as well. Unlike Chichen Itza, you can still climb up the ruins here, and you may even end up with the entire place to yourself. Learn more about visiting Valladolid, in our complete guide.

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