Xibalbá Park in Yucatán: opening pending for excessive charge for a permit


$7 million asked to open the Xibalbá theme park

VALLADOLID.— The municipal authorities ask the Xcaret group to pay $7 million as a commercial license fee so that the Xibalbá theme park can start operating.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) has closed one of the 10 cenotes in the park since last November, because a part of the walls was destroyed to make the water flow and send it to an artificial river that was built.

Regarding the payment of the permit, initially the City Council asked for $9 million, with the argument of the destruction of the walls of the cenote.

When the business license began to be processed, the municipal authorities asked for 9 million pesos, arguing that the walls of a cenote were destroyed. However, they were notified that this matter corresponds to federal authorities and the City Council has no interference in the case.

However, after negotiations, the payment of $7 million was agreed, which the Xcaret group considers high.

Because the closure seals have not been removed, the opening of the Xibalbá park will no longer be this month but has been postponed until the summer of 2023.

The theme park is located on the state highway that connects the Yalcobá police station with the Xtut police station, in Temozón, just at kilometer eight.

The delay in the opening would affect the relationship between the directors of the Xcaret Group and the City Council, although neither party officially recognizes it.

It is an open secret the bad relations that exist between some businessmen and the mayor Alfredo Fernández Arceo, since, according to what is said, the mayor does not listen to proposals and in the end, he does what he wants.

Source: Diario de Yucatan