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Unusual operation of the SSP in different points of Mérida; report traffic jams

- April 28, 2023

MÉRIDA.- The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) maintains unusual surveillance operations at various points on the periphery of Mérida by the entrances and exits from the city and federal highways to Umán and Campeche.

Officially, the authorities have not wanted to speak and at the checkpoints there is total secrecy about the operation.

There have been traffic congestions on the indicated routes and the traffic is heavy because all the vehicles are checked by the agents stationed at those checkpoints. On social networks, some users have complained about the long lines and the wait to enter Mérida.

Agents of the State Investigation Police (PEI) and heavily armed uniformed elements are even participating in the unusual operations. It should be noted that in Campeche territory, the state police of that State also installed heavily guarded checkpoints.

However, versions or speculations have emerged on the subject, the first was that they were looking for more undocumented immigrants; but the unofficial version that has gained strength is that they are looking for a woman who “escape”, without giving further details.

On the other hand, Campeche media have announced that a checkpoint was also installed at the Santa Rosa de Campeche-Mérida ejido at the request of the SSP of Yucatán, due to the alleged escape of a kidnapper in the state.

Source: Diario de Yucatan

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