New Show at the Great La Plancha Park in Mérida: Dates and Times

- May 21, 2024

The amphitheater of La Plancha Park will be filled with the magic of the circus with the international show Arcano, which from May 19 to June 18 will offer a unique experience free of charge that will transport the audience to a place where imagination and technology intertwine in a symphony of wonder and excitement.

Showtimes at the Great La Plancha Park in Mérida A show full of acrobatic acts, juggling, and other skills that will captivate the people of Yucatán, who can attend from Tuesday to Thursday at 6:30 PM and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in two functions, at 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM.

This is the second show to be hosted at the La Plancha amphitheater, which months ago hosted “Destino, a journey through Mexico,” which was a great success among Yucatecan families.

With 15 artists on stage from different nationalities including Mexicans, English, Americans, Poles, Hungarians, Argentinians, and Ukrainians, Arcano “The magic of the circus” will bring charm and fun to the Yucatecan public.

In this way, the people of Yucatán have world-class shows to enjoy with the family, fulfilling the long-awaited dream of more than 30 years to have the “La Plancha” Park, the best in Mexico offering amenities such as a lake with a fountain, “Skatepark,” “Pet Park,” and the Museums of Light and the Railroad, for the enjoyment of all families.

La Plancha Park has become an important reference and leisure center for families; it covers more than 20 hectares of surface and now Yucatecan families and visitors enjoy its linear walkway, a wagon area, and the zone where its most important attractions are located, such as the Gastronomic Market, the circular walkway, an artificial lake, and the amphitheater.

Source: Diario de Yucatan