Meet the Yucatan candidates and their proposals for the Elections 2024

- May 24, 2024

This 2024, one of the largest elections in the country will take place, as the person who will lead the Presidency of the Republic will be elected. In addition, Yucatán is preparing to choose its new governor.

Here we introduce you to the female and male candidates who are contending for the governorship of Yucatán.

In this entity, two women and two men are vying for the position, representing eight political parties. Here we present the aspirants and their proposals:

Renán Barrera Concha: The bet of PAN, PRI, and Nueva Alianza Yucatán Renán Alberto Barrera Concha, 45 years old, has a degree in Law and is the current mayor on leave of Mérida. His political career includes being a councilor, local deputy, and mayor on two occasions (2012-2015 and 2018-2021).

Supported by a coalition between PAN, PRI, and Nueva Alianza Yucatán, Barrera promises:

  • Eradication of poverty: Expand the successful model of “La Mielera” to communities in extreme poverty.
  • Solidarity popular economy: Ensure that economic growth benefits all municipalities with support and solidarity credits.
  • Warrior Women (Mujer Guerrera) Card: Provide $3,000 quarterly to women aged 18 to 30.
  • Peso a Peso Program: Double the contributions for inputs and tools for field and fishing producers.
  • Agency for Competitive and Sustainable Economic and Industrial Growth: Attract investments and promote “Made in Yucatán”.
  • Solidarity credits: Up to $150,000 for new businesses and $250,000 to expand existing companies.
  • Expansion of the “Va y Ven” transport system: Improve connectivity and accessibility throughout the state.

Jazmín López Manrique: The PRD candidate, known as “Tina Tuyub,” is 66 years old and has a degree in Preschool Education and is a regional theater actress. She has been a candidate for federal deputy and mayor of Mérida. Her main proposals are:

  • Reinforced security: Combat violence, especially against women and children.
  • Economic development with honesty: Eradicate corruption and nepotism.
  • Health and education as rights: Improve medical care and guarantee access to education.
  • Ordered urban growth: Protect the environment and manage urban development.
  • Support for culture: Strengthen and promote the cultural and artistic wealth of the state.

Vida Gómez Herrera: The change of Movimiento Ciudadano Vida Aravari Gómez Herrera, 36 years old, has a degree in Political Science and International Relations and has been the Secretary of Youth of Yucatán. She is currently a local deputy on leave. Her proposals include:

  • New Yucatán Energy Agency: Solve blackout problems.
  • State Water and Sanitation Commission: Protect the state’s aquifer.
  • Mental health hospital hub: Improve mental health care.
  • School improvements: Annual funds of $500,000 for school maintenance.
  • Ecological drainage: Implement sustainable drainage systems.

Joaquín Díaz Mena: The coalition of Morena, PT, and PVEM. Joaquín Jesús Díaz Mena, known as “Huacho,” is 49 years old and has a degree in Tourism Business Administration. He has been mayor of San Felipe, deputy, and federal delegate. His platform focuses on:

  • Welfare Plan for Yucatán: Improve infrastructure and quality of life in all municipalities.
  • Federalization of health services: Join IMSS Bienestar to guarantee universal and efficient access to health.
  • Multimodal connection: Link the Transisthmic Train, the Maya Train, and the Port of Progreso to improve trade and mobility.
  • New industrial zones: Encourage investments and employment in the interior of the state.
  • Violet Justice Program: Improve attention and justice for women and girls, eliminating revictimization and guaranteeing human rights.

Source: Sipse