Inconsistencies in Mérida: Votes from 1,848 polling stations will be recounted

- June 6, 2024

The scrutiny and computation process for the federal elections in Yucatán is underway, but it is expected to conclude next Saturday. The reason for this extended process is that they will re-count the votes from 1,848 polling stations out of the 2,964 that were set up. These recounts are necessary due to inconsistencies and doubts found in the ballot packages, as reported by Luis Alvarado Díaz, the president of the Local Board of the National Electoral Institute (INE) in Yucatán.

As an example of these inconsistencies, he mentioned that some records indicate that all votes were cast for a single candidate, which is impossible.

During the extraordinary session of the Local Board to oversee the computation and scrutiny, which began at 8 a.m. across the six district councils in the state (three in Mérida and the others in Valladolid, Progreso, and Umán), it was also reported that three packages were missing. Two from Dzitás were burned (including 129 basic and contiguous ballots), and one from Chichimilá (193 basic) arrived empty. Denunciations will be filed regarding these incidents.

How is the vote computation process for federal elections conducted?

Upon starting the session, Alvarado Díaz explained that the district councils began by computing the votes for the presidential election. They will then proceed with the votes for federal deputies and finally for senators.

In an interview during the session recess, he emphasized that the Local Board will convene on Sunday to compute the senatorial votes. Subsequently, they will issue certificates of majority to the two winning formulas and to the first formula of the first minority (which came in second place).

Recounting votes from 1,848 polling stations

The report from the Computation System revealed that out of the 2,969 polling stations (including those for overseas voting) to be computed, 1,848 will be recounted during this initial scrutiny for the presidential elections.

Of these, 329 correspond to District 01 (based in Valladolid), 399 to District 02 (based in Progreso), 282 to District 03 (Mérida), 253 to District 04 (also in the capital), 257 to District 05 (based in Ticul), and 328 to District 06 (Mérida).

To expedite the computation process and meet the legal deadline of next Saturday, each of the six district councils has set up three working groups to tally the votes.

Strict surveillance during the vote recount

The vocal president announced that to ensure security during these scrutiny sessions, the six locations of the federal district councils in Yucatán, along with their respective warehouses containing the electoral packages, are under tight security. Elements from the National Guard, Navy, and State Public Security Secretariat are guarding these premises.

Source: Diario de Yucatan