Huacho Díaz Mena Receives Majority Certificate as Elected Governor of Yucatan

- June 10, 2024

This Sunday, at the facilities of the Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation (IEPAC), Joaquín Díaz Mena received the majority certificate accrediting him as the elected governor of Yucatán.

“I will be a governor up to the circumstances. I will not fail you,” said Huacho Diaz after receiving the certificate from Moisés Bates, president counselor of the IEPAC.

Results of the Election for Governor of Yucatán

According to the final count, the representative of MORENA obtained 624,394 votes, while Renán Barrera Concha, his closest contender, obtained 515,478.

Díaz Mena was accompanied by his parents, Álvaro Díaz López and Fanny Mena Marrufo; his wife, Wendy Méndez Natalia, and his children, Joaquín and Julián.

Also, the presidents of the parties that nominated him, as well as Rommel Pacheco Marrufo, former MORENA candidate for the mayorship of Mérida, and Jazmín López “Tina Tuyub” were at the event.

After the formal ceremony, Joaquín Díaz Mena delivered a message to dozens of supporters who waited in the parking lot of the IEPAC, where a stage was set up.

In his message, interrupted several times by applause and cheers of “Huacho for governor!”, he thanked all the people who voted for him and assured them that he will serve all the people of Yucatán with the greatest humility possible.

Díaz Mena concluded his message with the shout: “Long live Andrés Manuel López Obrador, long live Claudia Sheinbaum, long live Felipe Carrillo Puerto, long live the great kanxoc José María Iturralde, long live Yucatán, long live Mexico.”

“I am Joaquín ‘Huacho’ Diaz Mena, native of the town of San Felipe and thanks to the trust of the Yucatecans I am the elected governor of Yucatán,” he emphasized.

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