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Mérida to Welcome 3 New Hotels Focused on Gastronomy

- June 9, 2024

With an approximate investment of 100 million pesos, the city of Mérida will have three new hotels targeting the segment of regional culinary experience and art, which will add to the gastronomic and tourist corridor of 47th street and the Great Park of La Plancha.

The president of Grupo Libera, Eduardo Triay Espinosa, indicated that with the upcoming opening of the Amate 61 hotel, a new era in the region’s hospitality begins. It is expected that by early 2025, the Amate 50 and Amate 62 hotels will join this initiative, thus completing the trio of hotels that will offer new lodging and gastronomic experiences in the Yucatecan capital.

Triay pointed out that the venture seeks not only to enrich the city’s tourist offerings but also to promote regional culinary experiences, as well as to encourage socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices.

He explained that one of the highlights of these hotels will be their focus on regional culinary experience, as each will feature a signature restaurant offering the best of Yucatecan gastronomy, complemented by innovative creations of local mixology.

But the guests’ experience will go beyond, as visitors will have the opportunity to explore the charms of Mérida through a series of tours designed to showcase unique aspects and corners of the city. From tours through the historic neighborhoods to visits to the emblematic magical neighborhood of La Ermita, the tours will offer a different vision of the Yucatecan capital, thus enriching the tourist experience.

Source: Reportur