Marko Cortés Announces He Will Challenge the Appointment of Deputies in Yucatán

- June 10, 2024

Marko Cortés asserts that the IEPAC illegally granted deputies to Morena in Yucatán, and attacked Morena for wanting to snatch a position inside the Congress of Yucatán that does not belong to them.

After the Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation of Yucatán (IEPAC) announced how the Congress of Yucatán will be composed, the national leader of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortés, announced that he will challenge it before the Electoral Tribunal.

Through his X account, formerly Twitter, the national leader, who already has a secured place in the Congress of the Union, expressed his annoyance after it was revealed that PAN will be the second political force in the Congress of Yucatán, after leading in the last elections.

“Just like in CDMX, in Yucatán we will also challenge and demand from the Electoral Tribunal equity in the allocation, to put order and respect the vote of the citizens,” wrote the PAN leader.

Similarly, he accused Morena of wanting to “snatch at the table the votes they did not win at the ballot box.”

Cortés disapproved of the decision of IEPAC Yucatán to illegally grant more deputies to Morena and allies than they deserve.

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