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Men Beat a ‘Va y Ven’ Bus Driver in Mérida; He Was Defending Women from Being Harassed

- June 10, 2024

A ‘Va y Ven’ bus driver was injured after four individuals beat him for defending women from being harassed on the Caucel route in Mérida.

Two arrests were the result of a severe assault on a driver of the ‘Va y Ven’ System after the victim defended two women from being harassed by the individuals.

The incident occurred on board a unit of route 91 Caucel in Mérida, where four individuals were harassing women on public transport.

The driver, upon observing what was happening, stopped the unit to intervene to remove the individuals from the bus, who reacted violently.

The individuals began to beat the ‘Va y Ven’ driver, prompting witnesses to notify the police to assist the victim.

Police officers arrived at the scene, where two of the individuals managed to escape, while the other two were detained.

Paramedics attended to the driver, who sustained serious injuries from the blows inflicted by the individuals, who remain at the disposal of the authorities.

It should be noted that this is the second violent attack on a ‘Va y Ven’ driver, as it was last year when a driver died defending a woman from being harassed by an individual, who threw him off the bus, causing his death.

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