Merida Ready for Government Transition

- June 14, 2024

This morning, the current municipal mayor and the mayor-elect met to begin the transition processes.

This morning, the first meeting took place between the current municipal president of Mérida, Alejandro Ruz Castro, and the mayor-elect Cecilia Patrón Laviada. This meeting officially marked the first encounter between the incoming and outgoing administrations, aiming to agree on details for the handover-reception process scheduled for September 1st.

The meeting was held in the boardroom of the municipal palace, where both political figures from Yucatán agreed on the importance of conducting an orderly transition process that ensures the smooth functioning of the city council and public services for citizens.

The mayor-elect commented that her priority would be to have a government close to the people to provide and offer higher quality public services for all inhabitants of this city. She promised special support for the less fortunate and committed to consolidating successful projects and renewing programs required by a rapidly growing city. This, she said, would be achieved with responsible planning and a considerable budgetary base that allows for its realization.

In her first visit as mayor-elect, Patrón Laviada assured that the Municipal Palace would have open doors to the citizens and that she would be a mayor close to the people, frequently present in the neighborhoods and rural communities.

For his part, Mayor Alejandro Ruz Castro assured that Mérida would continue to be in good hands with Cecilia Patrón, who is backed by a career in public service, closeness, and support for those who need it most.

Ruz Castro maintained that the municipal administration is ready to move forward in the handover-reception process, with mechanisms that guarantee transparency and, above all, efficiency in the continuity of the programs and public services that the city’s inhabitants and their rural communities are accustomed to.

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