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Wild Tiger Cub Found in Taxi in Yucatán

- June 14, 2024

The Wild Tiger Cub was seized by the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) of Yucatán and handed over to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) after being discovered in a taxi during a checkpoint on the border with Quintana Roo.

The incident occurred when PROFEPA inspectors, responding to an SSP call, arrived at the agency’s command center to receive the tiger, which had been found in the taxi. The male cub, approximately 30 days old, was wearing a microchip and documentation that supposedly certified its legal origin. However, when trying to read the microchip, no corresponding data was obtained, leading to its confiscation.

The cub was found to be dehydrated and hungry but otherwise in good health by PROFEPA staff. It was transferred to a Wildlife Conservation Management Unit (PIMVS) for necessary care and remains under their supervision.

Authorities in Yucatán have detected a pattern of tiger cubs arriving at Mérida International Airport from central Mexico breeding centers, which are then transported by road to Quintana Roo for sale.

It’s worth noting that there have been reports of the use of large felines, including tiger cubs as young as three months old, being offered for tourist photo shoots. Once these animals reach a certain age, they tend to be placed in upscale residences.

PROFEPA will maintain constant communication with PIMVS to determine the cub’s next home. This case highlights the importance of monitoring and controlling exotic species trafficking, as well as ensuring their welfare and conservation.

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