The World Vocho Day will be celebrated this weekend in Mérida with a spectacular caravan

- June 21, 2024

The event will start at Volkswagen City Altabrisa and end at the Parque Arqueológico del Oriente in the Fraccionamiento del Parque.

The vocho, famous for its design reminiscent of a beetle, is commemorated every June 22nd. The Club Cero Óxido is organizing a mega caravan with the participation of over 350 cars.

Carlos Lara Rivas, the team president and event organizer, shared details about the caravan’s activities. There will be two starting points: the first at 16:00 at Volkswagen Norte, with cars joining the second point at Volkswagen City Altabrisa for the second departure, an hour later.

Upon arrival at Fraccionamiento del Parque, there will be an exhibition of these automobiles, contests, raffles, live music, and activities with sponsors until 22:00. The following day, Sunday, June 23, activities will continue starting at 8:00.

“Beetles” from Campeche, Quintana Roo, and Yucatán will be present, coming from places like Tizimín, Valladolid, Tekax, Progreso, Izamal and Mérida.

Although this unique vehicle was born in Germany in July 1935 and had its last model produced in 2003, its legacy endures. Enthusiasts continue to work tirelessly to maintain and customize these historic models.

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