Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal Meets with Merida’s US Consul General prior to Ngutter’s departure

- June 26, 2024

In a meeting that took place prior to Ngutter’s departure from her position as Consul General in Mérida, Governor Vila Dosal reaffirmed the strong bond between Yucatán and the United States, with the aim of continuing to advance joint actions and strategies that benefit both states.

The gathering also included Jacob Grannell, Head of the Consular Section, and state government officials. The discussions focused on the collaborative efforts made over the past three years to promote development in Yucatán.

Vila Dosal expressed his gratitude to Ngutter for her work during her tenure, highlighting her dedication, effort, and willingness to collaborate, which has resulted in unprecedented figures in the relationship between the two countries. These achievements include record visa issuance rates, increased air connectivity, more students from Yucatán studying in the US, and participants in the Cabecitas Blancas program.

In a statement, Vila Dosal emphasized that the relationship between Yucatán and the United States has never been as fruitful as it is today, thanks to Ngutter’s efforts. He assured that his administration will continue working and collaborating with the US Consulate General to improve their mutual relations.

Ngutter also expressed her appreciation for the Governor’s commitment to maintaining a strong partnership with the consulate and his team.

“We’ve shown that if we pursue common goals, we can achieve great things,” she said. “Each one of you is part of the history of these three years, and what was accomplished wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation of your government.”

State officials praised the Consulate General’s support for various public sectors, including education, healthcare, tourism, and the economy.

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