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The streets in Mérida that are most affected by heavy rainfall and flooding, according to the SSP

- June 26, 2024

After a prolonged period of drought, heavy rainfall is eagerly anticipated, as it brings new life to everything, and parks and gardens regain their vibrant green color; however, when they are torrential, they can also cause disruptions, and it’s essential to take precautions. That’s why the Yucatán State Public Security Secretariat (SSP) has released a list of the streets in Mérida that are most prone to flooding during heavy rainfall.

The agency revealed 27 locations in Mérida where there have been more reports of accidents or requests for roadside assistance through the emergency number 911, with the aim of encouraging drivers to exercise caution when traveling on these streets. It’s crucial to slow down because the water makes it difficult to see clearly and the pavement can impede normal braking.

In recent 24 hours, heavy rainfall has been recorded in Yucatán’s capital city, leading to fallen trees onto vehicles, cars that won’t start or are almost submerged due to flooding and puddles in various parts of the city.

Here is the list:

  1. Circuito Colonias near Calle 20, in the Nueva Alemán neighborhood (also known as “El Cohete”).
  2. Calle 19 near Calle 28, in the Limones neighborhood.
  3. Calle 22 near 2C, in the Juan Pablo II neighborhood (also known as “Nora”).
  4. Avenida Alfredo Barrera near Calle 42, in the Circuito Colonias area (Infonavit).
  5. Avenida Alfredo Barrera near Calle 52, in the Residencial Pensiones neighborhood.
  6. Avenida Jacinto Canek near Avenida Mérida 2000, in the Yucalpetén neighborhood.
  7. Calle 32 near Calle 27, in the Juan Pablo II neighborhood.
  8. Calle 41 near Calle 32, in the Juan Pablo II neighborhood.
  9. Avenida Itzáes near Calle 61 A and 59, in the downtown area of Mérida.
  10. Periférico de Mérida (exit to Tixkokob).
  11. Calle 25 near Calle 14, in the Benito Juárez Oriente neighborhood.
  12. Calle 41 near Calle 30, in the Industrial neighborhood (near Hospital IMSS T-1).
  13. Calle 20 near 1C, in the México Norte neighborhood (near Casino Golden).
  14. Avenida Cámara de Comercio near Calle 5, in the Montecristo residential area (Cumbres).
  15. Calle 50 near Calle 69, in the Centro neighborhood (near Parque San Cristóbal).
  16. Avenida Paseo de Montejo near Avenida Pérez Ponce.
  17. Avenida Campestre near Calle 7, in the Campestre neighborhood (near Parque San Juanistas).
  18. Avenida Yucatán near Calle 40, in the Residencial Los Pinos neighborhood.
  19. Calle 21 near Calle 18, in the Itzimná neighborhood (near Parque de Itzimná).
  20. Calle 21 near Calle 50, in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood (near Plaza Dorada).

These areas are particularly prone to flooding during heavy rain. Drivers should exercise caution and reduce speed when traveling through these streets due to reduced visibility caused by water accumulation and potentially slippery road surfaces.

Source: Diario de Yucatan