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AMLO’s nephew executed in Palenque

- June 29, 2024

The violence in Chiapas, Mexico has reached the family of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), as local and national media report that his nephew, Humberto “El Becerro” Obrador, was executed in Palenque, Chiapas. Humberto had previously received threats on narcomantas.

According to El Financiero, Humberto was shot dead on June 26th at the Ejido Nueva Esperanza 1st Section in Palenque, while being attacked by hitmen with his father, Osiel, who sustained serious injuries.

Local media sources indicate that Humberto had already received threats. The Chiapas State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) confirmed that investigations were underway against those responsible for the crime.

It is alleged that Humberto received threats from April 2024. A narcomanta message was found on the body of Atilano Juárez Hernández, “Chira,” when he was assassinated in the community of Emilio Rabasa. The message read: “This is for all of you. You’re next, Humberto ‘El Becerro’ Obrador.”

How did they execute Humberto Obrador, AMLO’s nephew?

Local media reports that Humberto was traveling with his father Osiel when he was attacked by hitmen with gunfire in the Ejido Nueva Esperanza area, along the federal highway connecting Villahermosa and Escárcega. They were driving a brown Ford Ranger pickup truck.

The Chiapas Attorney General’s Office reported that Humberto’s body was found inside the vehicle with bullet impacts and no vital signs. Osiel, however, was injured but still alive and was taken to a hospital.

The police report indicates that the vehicle had multiple gunshot impacts, and Humberto’s lifeless body was located inside the vehicle, identified as Humberto Obrador, son of Osiel Obrador, who is a cousin-brother of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Manuela Obrador Narváez.

The authorities stated that they would continue investigating to clarify the execution and hold those responsible accountable. It should be noted that the Ejido Nueva Esperanza is where Manuela Obrador Narváez’s family originates from.

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