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After Beryl There’s “fiesta with Poseidon” on the Malecon de Progreso (Video)

- July 5, 2024

Unexpectedly, Beryl changes its trajectory and leaves Progreso in peace after several days of memes created by Yucatecan internet users for the expected encounter “Chaac vs Poseidon”.

Its departure was recorded in the afternoon at Telchac Puerto, causing a sense of calm and tranquility to reign over Progreso.

People celebrate with Poseidon as Beryl leaves

Despite intense effects from the phenomenon after noon, with heavy rain and wind gusts, it was surprising when the remnants of Beryl’s passage stopped.

After a few minutes of calm, people began pouring out onto the streets and beaches to see what was happening.

On the beaches, many were still unsure of what was going on, while some believed it was known as “calm before the storm”, which occurs when the eye of the hurricane passes over a territory.

Others couldn’t believe their eyes, “Beryl” had left!

As time passed, more people felt encouraged to come out and gather. In the midst of a festive and family-like atmosphere, the area around Poseidon’s statue on the International Malecon de Progreso became the meeting point for hundreds of people.

Locals and visitors arrived at this site to see the sea after the storm.

Everyone took advantage to take photos with the statue from outside the water, while more and more people kept arriving to witness the sunset.

The National Emergency Commission’s subcommander, Josué Armando Ble Alcázar, said they were waiting for instructions from Civil Protection personnel to lift the security operation.

Visitors also joked and laughed, saying it seemed like Chaac didn’t want to face Poseidon and maybe, just maybe, they’re now friends.

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