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Tourists swarm the Statue of Poseidon after Beryl passes through Progreso

- July 8, 2024

Despite controversy, the Statue of Poseidon has attracted a massive influx of tourists. Images of visitors posing with the statue flooded social media, becoming a viral phenomenon. This situation has generated debate about the impact of tourism on the area, especially during natural disaster recovery times.

Progreso’s tourist operators have seen an increase in demand for guided tours to the Statue of Poseidon, which has led some to consider it as an economic opportunity amid adversity. However, others warn about the risks of promoting tourism in a still vulnerable region.

Local reactions

Progreso residents and other affected areas continue to be divided. While some see the statue as an opportunity to attract tourists and reactivate local economies, others fear that its presence will continue to cause natural disasters. “It’s disrespect to our beliefs and gods,” said a local resident. “Chaac is angry, and we must do something about it before something worse happens.”

Local authorities are at a crossroads. On one hand, they want to capitalize on the tourist attraction represented by the Statue of Poseidon; on the other, they seek to calm tensions between the community and preserve peace in the region.

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