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Governor of Yucatan Proposes Bringing ‘Globitos’ as an Offering to Poseidon

- July 8, 2024

Yucatan Governor Mauricio Vila proposed bringing ‘Globitos’ as an offering to Poseidon after Hurricane Beryl passed through the state.

Through social media, Yucatan Governor Mauricio Vila shared a meme proposing an offering to Poseidón after the hurricane, following a group’s request to remove a statue located in Progreso.

Using his ‘X’ account, the governor posted a photo of a Greek statue with several bags of ‘Globitos’ underneath, along with the phrase “Here is the offering for Poseidón. Who will accompany me?”

Mauricio Vila’s post received a positive response from internet users, with various reactions and comments such as “Very well-deserved offering”, “We’ll bring some handmade tortillas! Well-warmed!! Who makes them?? No, healthy snacks for Poseidon! Definitely. Haha”, among others.

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