Clash between two gangs in Umán leaves 18 arrested

- July 8, 2024

Police launched an operation to detain those involved


Two gangs began a fight in the streets between San Lázaro and San Francisco colonies in Umán, sparked by old grudges.

The incident occurred between the San Lázaro and San Francisco colonies in the city of Umán, after neighbors reported an altercation.

It is known that the fight originated when a man identified as “Cartucho”, a member of the “Los Tecos” gang, confronted another individual who belongs to “Los Gatos”.

The verbal discussion turned aggressive when “Cartucho” threw a broken bottle at the second involved party and then fled. Both returned moments later with their respective gangs, starting a fight that neighbors reported to 911.

The 18 arrested individuals are part of origin gangs from Umán

Elements of the State and Municipal Police arrived at the scene, where they managed to detain 18 people.

The detainees were taken to the municipal police station in Umán to resolve their legal situation.

It is worth noting that initially, there were reports of two people killed in the fight, which was later discredited by authorities.

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