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Accelerating the Digitalization of Small Businesses in Yucatan

- July 9, 2024

To modernize and strengthen local economies, over 3,000 businesses in the interior of the state have reported a significant increase in profits following the digitalization of their establishments. This process, which includes the implementation of payment terminal kits for credit card and debit transactions, has been crucial to growth, according to Antonio González Blanco, director of the Yucatecan Institute for Entrepreneurs (IYEM).

The digitalization of businesses is an upward trend that responds to the needs of the modern market, where convenience and speed in transactions are essential. The adoption of digital payment technologies has allowed businesses to improve their competitiveness and efficiency, offering customers a faster and more secure shopping experience.

This advancement is part of IYEM’s efforts to promote innovation and economic development in the region by providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with the necessary tools to adapt to current market demands. The digitalization program has included the distribution of kits consisting of point-of-sale (POS) terminals that enable merchants to accept credit card and debit payments. The benefits do not only extend to merchants and their customers but also have a positive impact on regional economies, said González Blanco.

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