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Merida presents the BusLab: Now you can pay your trip with a bank card 

- July 9, 2024

At the Smart City Expo Latam Congress, the BusLab will be unveil, a fully intelligent unit.  

According to Rafael Hernández Kotasek, head of the Yucatán Transportation Agency, the BusLab will enable satisfaction surveys, lost and found services, and tracking the number of passengers (including women, men, and children).  

It’s equipped with cameras that monitor operator behavior and identify risky situations.  

The implementation of technology in transportation aims to enhance service quality and improve mobility.  

Soon, passengers will be able to pay for their rides using bank cards, either via a QR code on their cell phones or by linking their bank card to their transportation card, eliminating the issue of insufficient balance for travel. 

Hernández Kotasek stated, “In these days, the bank needs to release the system so that we can start. That’s all we are missing—the banking validation—and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks. We’ll proceed immediately after that.”

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