Solar eclipse in Yucatán: At what exact time will it get dark?

October began and welcomes one of the most anticipated astrological phenomena in Mexico, the solar eclipse; However, not everywhere can be seen completely as it will be in the Yucatan Peninsula. The exact date to witness the solar eclipse will be Saturday, October 14, in a large part of the Mexican territory it will be […]

Trophies made from human skulls found in ancient Maya city archaeological site

By Gabriel D. Wrobel, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Michigan State University Two trophy skulls, discovered by archaeologists in the jungles of Belize, may help shed light on the little-understood collapse of the once-powerful Classic Maya civilization. The defleshed and painted human skulls, meant to be worn around the neck as pendants, were buried with a […]

Yucatan’s UTM offers postgraduate degree in Aeronautics

With 34 students, a number higher than the one expected, the Yucatan state government launched the new postgraduate program in Aeronautical Engineering at the Metropolitan Technological University (UTM), the only one in the state to train specialists to apply their competence, skills, and abilities to propose solutions to the aerospace sector, improve its environment and […]

Cenote Dives for Beginners in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Millions of years of limestone erosion under Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula has created miles and miles of under-earth rivers and cave systems. Occasionally the ceilings collapse, opening an area that may look like a big puddle or a lake, allowing divers to enter and explore. Some are large openings and some small, some shallow and some deep: All […]

Solar eclipse will be best seen on the Yucatan peninsula

It is expected that this phenomenon can be appreciated from the Yucatan Peninsula. Yucatan and the Peninsula will be the site where a total solar eclipse can be seen, according to the projections made by experts on the subject, which will take place in October 2023, that is, in just two years. So far, there are data that the […]

Jaguar population increasing in Mexico

The jaguar population in Mexico increased by about 800 animals from 2010 to 2018, according to the first two censuses of the elusive carnivores ever conducted in the country. The news confirms that Mexico’s national strategy to protect jaguars is working, researchers reported recently in the journal PLOS One. “It was incredible to see jaguars in […]