How much does a Yucatan state policeman earn? 


The work of a police element in Mexico and in Mérida has become a great challenge and is essential to guarantee the safety and tranquility of people in the state, since it depends on the rank, they are usually in charge of preventing crime, protecting citizens in moments of emergency, even sanctioning the criminals. 

It is important to know that the salaries, benefits and bonuses that police officers receive vary depending on which point in Yucatan they are in, it is known that those who are in the city of Mérida are the ones who usually earn the best, since in the capital of the State the greatest economic activity and the greatest number of delinquency are concentrated. 

How much does a policeman earn in Yucatan? 

In the case of Yucatan, salaries are competitive compared to other areas of the country, in addition to being within the national average. 

As previously mentioned, a policeman’s salary depends on his rank and, above all, his seniority in the police force. At the beginning of his career, he can earn about $7,000 to $8,000 pesos a month, while police officers with the longest records usually earn more than $12,000 pesos. 

State police officers receive refresher training in areas such as human rights, use of force, crime investigation, among others. 

 Source: Por Esto